ROY STONE……. <br /> <br />“Probably The Fastest Lead Guitar In The World” <br /> <br /> <br />Lead Vocal & Lead Guitar. <br /> <br /> <br /> Getting out there gigging is what its all about, the life blood of Rock ! <br /> <br />Up to an hour & a half of live material, ROY STONE is Lead Vocals & Lead Guitar live, strong melodic Rock & crunching Metal Tracks, normally a guitar solo section is amongst the songs too…. <br /> <br />READ MORE on ROY STONE .COM <br /> <br /> ALBUMS : MP3 DOWNLOADS : T-SHIRTS : <br /> LINKS TO NETWORKING SITES : MERCHANDISE <br /> <br /> Also performing Lead Guitar Solo spots, wild lead guitar at colossal speed to open a show or between Bands. <br /> <br /> As VOCALIST & Lead guitarist, ROY STONE sings a powerful Rock vocal style whilst playing Rhythm Guitar that is sometimes 16 times the beat of the music, punctuated with lead guitar runs that descend into musical changes & lead guitar breaks with howling bends & runs so fast you'll miss it if you’re not concentrating! <br /> General News…. NEW TRACKS now play on ROY STONE .COM & 4 New Tracks are nearly completed. There will also be a 4 Track EP release with these tracks available soon. <br /> The ROY STONE material feature's B.C. RICH Guitars, a red Beast, a black Ironbird, a blue Warlock & a red Warlock long-scale Bass. <br /> <br /> Digital Studio, along with Live Amps, a P.A. System, Rack Compressors & Effects Processors, in South London. <br /> <br /> Rock Guitarist & Vocalist, around 200 songs in various levels of recording quality. Also Vocalist & Acoustic style chord player, ad-lib lead guitar to CD quality over any chord sequence. Also a competent Bassist in a rock strum style & a backing Keyboard player. <br /> <br /> Albums are recorded with many demos awaiting attention but a remix through new studio production equipment for the favourite tracks from the earlier Albums is the ongoing project. Check ROY STONE .COM for live & recording news.