Everybody wants to holiday, no matter who it is, where they want to go or what their idea of enjoyment is when they get there, there aren't many of us that will turn our noses up at the chance of a great holiday.
But what do we all have in common?
It's price isn't it. No matter our personal choices we'll all be scouring the web jumping from website to website comparing prices looking for the best deal.
What if you didn't have to?
I'm serious. What if no matter where you wanted to go or what you wanted to do you could be assured of the best price or handsomely rewarded for finding cheaper?
I'm talking about flights, yes I know there are several companies and organisations out there promising best deal but what if you could get better? What if on every flight you took you could rest assured that you were the lowest paying passenger on the aircraft? It's the same for your hotel too, and your taxi, hire car or even your evening meal at the fancy restaurant?
It all sounds a little to good to be true doesn't it and in honesty there are a lot of people who think it is but they will probably be the ones moaning six months down the line when they are on holiday and the person on the next bed is laughing because he's there for half the price they pay lol
It's all part of a travel club created to make travel far more accessible and enjoyable for all. We've won several Gold Industry Awards recently, 7 this year alone.
Want to find out more? Take a look around this website with the knowledge that everything you see is fully guaranteed to be the lowest price you'll find or money in your pocket.